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We rely on donors to fulfill this ambitious mission and encourage you to please consider making a donation to support this life-changing work.

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Support our unique and thriving music community.

The Tacoma Refugee Choir has welcomed over 750 refugees, immigrants and friends who seek belonging due to the generous support of donors like you. This generosity has allowed us to keep participation for our members FREE of charge and reduces barriers that often limit participation from marginalized communities, including transportation, child care, and time with caring staff who strive to open doors of access to resources in the community.

The concerts, videos, and other programming send a much-needed message of hope throughout the community causing WA Speaker of the House to say, "This is “exactly what we need to heal” and an immigrant friend to say, "though I can't often come to choir due to my work schedule, I feel safer because this choir is in our community." Perhaps even more impactful is the transformative effect that participation in the choir has on members who feel seen and heard as they come together to use their voice. When we feel loved, we can heal and then anything becomes possible.

Thank you for being a partner in this life-changing work!

*If you prefer to donate via PayPal, please use this link. If you prefer to send a check, please mail to Tacoma Refugee Choir, P.O. Box 2321, Tacoma, WA 98401. Thank you!